Elements that Organizations Should Consider After Employees Back to Work

          The “Shelter-in-Place” public order might possibly be released sometime in May.  However, it would be a challenge for organizations to operate in their full capacity because the virus is still ubiquitous and invisible.  Until we have vaccine, every one of us is vulnerable to this vicious disease.  If you are HR personnel, here are some advice you might take into consideration once your organization is reopened:

  •  Develop a social distancing protocol that employees and contractors should follow in order to minimize the risks of spreading the virus.
  • Continue provide flexible work schedules to employees such that the offices and dining areas are not overly crowded.  Each department should allow employees to alternate between home office and work office based on priorities of projects.  
  • Reorganize and redesign work space such that appropriate social and work distance can be maintained.
  • Collaborate with IT department to provide remote access to those who work from home such that remote IT security services can be deployed.
  • Encourage employees to put on some sort of nose covering mechanisms (either face masks or cloths) to minimize the risks of spreading the virus.
  • Strive to make sanitizing devices, including hand sanitizes and wipes, to be easily accessible in the offices.
  • Maximize video conferencing instead of physical group meetings whenever feasible.  


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