Elements that Organizations Should Consider After Employees Back to Work

                   The “Shelter-in-Place” public order might possibly be released sometime in May.  However, it would be a challenge for organizations to operate in their full capacity because the virus is still ubiquitous and invisible.  Until we have vaccine, every one of us is vulnerable to this vicious disease.  If you are HR personnel, here are some advice you might take into consideration once your organization is reopened:   Develop a social distancing protocol that employees and contractors should follow in order to minimize the risks of spreading the virus. Continue provide flexible work schedules to employees such that the offices and dining areas are not overly crowded.  Each department should allow employees to alternate between home office and work office based on priorities of projects.   Reorganize and redesign work space such that appropriate social and work distance can be maintained. Collaborate with IT department to provide remote access to those

How to Ensure Internet Security While Working From Home

          Working from home requires employees to be particularly vigilant in regards to internet security.   However, many workers might not be cognizant about techniques in removing threats on the Internet.   Here are few tips to mitigate risks: 1. Go to your “setting” on the browser. Then, click “clear browsing data”.   2. Avoid using Internet Explorer as your internet browser. Use Google  Chrome or Firefox instead for greater security features. 3. Constantly update security patches from internet security vendors.   4. Perform weekly PC cleanup. 5. If you need technical assistance, contact a reliable remote PC support vendor or your own organization’s IT personnel such that he or she can access your computer remotely to perform any necessary technical support.  

Important Elements to Consider When Selecting a Sit/Stand Desk Converter

          Due to the nation-wide public order for “Shelter-In Place”, workers might begin to consider purchasing a sit/stand desk converter at home such that they can work in a more ergonomically justified fashion.  Regardless of whether you will get reimbursed or not for obtaining a sit/stand desk converter, there are some elements that you must consider before you select the equipment.  Below includes some tips when you select a sit/stand desk converter: 1. First thing you must do before you select a sit/stand desk converter is to measure your desk size.  Take notes of the dimension of your existing desk, particularly the depth and the width. If you have an overhead bin, measuring how much height clearance is also critical.  After you have taken down the necessary measurement of your desk, you can select a sit/stand desk converter that appeals to you.  Once you have selected the one you like, check the specification of the desk converter and make sure that it will fit your desk

How to Maintain Work Productivity While Working From Home

          Working from home during the current pandemic time could be challenging.   When you work at home, you might get easily distracted by your child since he or she needs to stay home under the “Shelter-in-Place” public order.   Your spouse or significant others might distract you for any kinds of house-related matters.   Your pet might need your attention when he or she needs to go potty.   Further, you might be tempted to turn on TV while you are working from home.   News from media could possibly divert your attention away from the project that you are working on.   In order to maintain high productivity, self-discipline becomes particularly paramount for people working from home during this pandemic time.   How can we establish self-discipline when we work at home? Here come some tips: 1. Set your boundary with your child.   Let your love ones realize that you are fully occupied while you are working at home and he or she must respect your time devotion to work.   Infor

What You Should Know When You Work From Home

          Working from home tends to be the common practice due to the novel coronavirus, known as Covid-19.    On the positive side, workers can enjoy their own privacy from working at their own home offices.   For instance, they do not need to worry about the type of business attires to put on because they can wear comfortable clothing at home.   Also, working from home provides them with a sense of freedom to manage their personal businesses whenever they need to do so.   On the other hand, working from home can instigate frustrations from proper equipment setup, including, but not limited to computer, monitor, internet security, lighting, furniture, and more. All these home preparations can lead to emotional distress and even physical injuries.   For example, your home office chair might not be height adjustable.   Your monitor or monitors might not swivel.   Your work space might be very constrained due to the number of personal items that have occupied the desk.   The list c