Lighting for Eye Protection

In order to minimize eye fatigue, providing good lighting is essential.  For computer workstations, the normal lighting ranging from 300-500 lux.  For machine shops, it ranges from 300-750 lux.  To measure lux, we can use a lux meter.

Should Ergonomic Assessments Apply To A Group Or To Each Individual?

Ergonomics is not about trying to fit humans into equipment, but it is about fitting equipment to the unique needs of each individuals.  Therefore, assessment is tailored to each individual rather than evaluating whether equipment or furniture fit workers as a group or not because each individual is unique in regards to his or her own body size.

Can Ergonomic Interventions Impact Employee Retention?

For HR professionals, employee retention and employee satisfaction are crucial metrics to monitor because employees are asset to the company.  Ergonomic interventions and consultation can absolutely help HR professionals to achieve their metrics in both employee retention and employee satisfaction.  

Do Companies Need To Focus On Equipment Invention To Prevent Injuries?

Many companies believe that ergonomic intervention represents obtaining ergonomic equipment alone. However, this is not true at all! Ergonomic intervention can simply use behavior modification strategies, which mean work posture correction, taking frequent micro-breaks and stretch during break time, and performing self-massage. During the ergonomic evaluation, if workers are willing to follow the instructions to change their work behaviors, companies can save money from deploying equipment that are not necessary for injury prevention

Is Keyboard Tray Designed For Everyone?

For those who are not a proficient typist, keyboard trays will do more harms than goods.  This is because the users would look up and down constantly at their keyboards.  Therefore, it is not a good idea to deploy keyboard trays to those who are not proficient in typing.

Is Using Multiple Monitors Ergonomically Sound?

Nowadays, using two monitors by placing them side-by-side is commonly deployed in organizations.  However, multiple monitors can easily lead to neck rotation, which means neck turning to the side.  This awkward posture can lead to neck injuries, such as neck strain.  One of the best interventions is to maneuver the monitor that is used more frequently to the center and let the one that is not used as frequently to the side. When you need to switch viewing the one that is less frequently used, swivel the one that is not needed at the moment to the other side.  The key principle is to maintain your neck align with your body in order to prevent neck injuries.

Does Working On A Treadmill Makes Sense?

Some workers believe that working while walking on a treadmill can enhance their circulation so that injuries can be prevented. However, this approach might hinder performance.  Since the ultimate goal of ergonomics is optimize performance, walking and working at the same time do not justify the principle of ergonomics.  Therefore, treadmill intervention should not be implemented to prevent injuries.  On the other hand, it might cause injuries because workers might have shifted their focuses on the treadmill instead.
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