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Ergonomic App Launches

We are excited about year 2020 because we are in the process of launching an ergonomic app for organizations that can deploy a license for multiple users. With this app, users can register online and download the app into their own workstations.  Whether they have a sit/stand desk or a regular desk, they can watch a training video that educates them how to setup their workstations properly.  Also, they can fill out an online self-assessment form such that they can perform self-evaluation.  After they have completed the form, a report will be postulated for managers to monitor the progress of the users' assessments such that they can priority and make decision whether further in-depth evaluations are necessary or not. 

Currently, we have app for single user only.  Yet, this app gives you an overview of the functions of our app.  Please feel free to click on our banners on the home page of our site:  Click the green banner "De…