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Is It Ergonomic To Sit On An Exercise Ball While Working?

I see some people sit on an exercise ball while they are working. There is no scientific evidence that sitting on a ball can prevent back injuries. However, as an alternative, there are kneeling chairs that are ergonomically justified.

Are Expensive Chairs Necessarily Ergonomically Justified??

Expensive Chairs or Furniture Are Not Necessarily Ergonomically Justified

Some companies have a misconception that expensive furniture, such as sit/stand desk or adjustable chairs will help reduce musculoskeletal discomfort.  This concept is erroneous.  Whether the furniture or chairs are ergonomically justified or not is based upon the fit between the user and the size of the furniture.  If the chair or furniture do not fit the user, it does not matter how ergonomically sounded of the furniture.  Further, the user's injury history and the severity of the injuries play a key role in determining the type of chairs or furniture he or she needs.  
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