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How Frequent Should I Take Break At Work?

It is commonly practice that workers do not take breaks until they need to grab some water or go to the restroom.  This practice can easily cause injuries because human bodies need to move around in order to promote circulation.  As an ergonomic recommendation, one should take frequent micro-breaks every 40 to 45 minutes of their work sessions.  These micro-breaks can be as short as two minutes each.  During break times, stretching exercises should be performed in order to enhance circulation and the range of motions of the joints.

Is It True That Ergonomic Interventions Are Limited To Workplace Settings?

Ergonomic interventions do not confine to workplace settings in my perspectives. They can be integrated into your leisure times as well. For instance, carrying your shopping bags or shopping items in an ergonomic posture can also help. The goal of ergonomic interventions is to prevent injuries regarding  whether you are at work or at home. To learn how biomechanics can be integrated into ergonomic interventions, click this link:

Lighting for Eye Protection

In order to minimize eye fatigue, providing good lighting is essential.  For computer workstations, the normal lighting ranging from 300-500 lux.  For machine shops, it ranges from 300-750 lux.  To measure lux, we can use a lux meter.

Should Ergonomic Assessments Apply To A Group Or To Each Individual?

Ergonomics is not about trying to fit humans into equipment, but it is about fitting equipment to the unique needs of each individuals.  Therefore, assessment is tailored to each individual rather than evaluating whether equipment or furniture fit workers as a group or not because each individual is unique in regards to his or her own body size.